Wage Gap- There Regardless

A common statement you will hear when discussing the gender wage gap is, “Women choose lower-paying careers than men so it’s understandable they make less money.” While sometimes this is true, even when this is not the case, a wage gap still exists. According to the National Organization for Women (NOW), One year after graduation, it was […]

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What Age 32 Means For Women

Most people do not think much of it when they turn 32, but if you’re a woman this may become a significant age for reasons you will not be happy about. According to time.com, the gender wage gap widens once a woman hits age 32, and will keep widening as they get older. CLICK HERE for a […]

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25 Popular Jobs With Gender Wage Gap

Forbes created a list of 25 common professions that gender wage gaps are evident. CLICK HERE to see the list Advertisements

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The Gender Pay Gap Is No Myth

When looking into the gender wage gap, you will often find most articles stating that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 78 cents. With this statement, you will almost find an equal amount of articles arguing this claim, and wage gap in whole, as false and/or a myth. For example, this article from […]

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The Wage Gap: By The Numbers

469- According to CNN Money, it takes 469 days for a woman to make the same amount of money as a man makes in a single year. That is 104 more days. 78- Women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. These are just a couple of the facts regarding the wage gap […]

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Team USA Women’s Hockey Team Makes Historic Deal

Over the past two weeks, the USA women’s hockey team has been fighting to close the wage gap between themselves and the men players. Members of the USA olympic mens hockey team are paid a much greater amount then the women’s team. A boycott was planned by the women’s team for the upcoming world championships […]

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Justin Hammond

My name is Justin Hammond; I am a junior communications major here at UMD. The reason I care about this issue is because I have little knowledge on it. I was not aware that there was a wage gap between men and women until this past year, but I am interested in researching/learning more about […]

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