Raising Wage Gap Awareness

Wage Gap Awareness is what “leanin.org” is working for. It is a women’s empowerment initiative started by the Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation that is trying to take action to close the wage gap. Read the full article with the link!

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Equal Pay Day April 4th

This past Tuesday, April 4th was Equal Pay Day. For those who don’t know what this day means, it is the day that symbolizes how much a woman would need to work into a year to earn as much as a man does. “Women who work full-time in the United States take home about 80 cents for […]

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Iceland wants employers to prove equal pay for men and woman

Iceland Wants Proof of Equal Pay

Way to go Iceland for the extra initiative to breaking down the gender pay! “When it comes to the workplace, men have enjoyed a certain level of privilege for a long time,” he said. “But if you look at the vested interests for society of eliminating discrimination against women, that far outweighs any regulatory burden.”

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Why I care

My Name is Hyatt and I am a co-creator of this blog. As a woman myself, this is something I feel very strongly about. To know that some work isn’t getting as much attention as our gender counterpart is insulting and it’s something everyone should be fighting for. We don’t live in the days where […]

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