The wage gap is an unsolved issue that society currently faces. American women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar that a male makes. Additionally, women of color are more heavily affected and are paid even less. Interestingly enough, it takes women 104 more days to make the same amount of money a male does. The gender pay gap affects women through their entire life and this gap continues to increase with age. One study proved that the wage gap thickens when a women hits 32 years of age.

There is currently no country in the world where women are being paid equally as men for the same work. The U.S. ranked 65th in wage equality among 142 other countries and Wyoming falls the furthest down the wage gap in the US. Awareness about the wage gap is spread by protesters, marches, and especially on “Equal Pay Day”. This year, April 4th was Equal Pay Day as people wore green to work to support closing the wage gap.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton both stand up for equal pay day and are strongly pushing to end the gap. Even famous pop singer Beyonce calls out the wage gap in her “Gender is a Myth” essay. One of her most powerful quotes states, “Equality will be achieved when men and women are granted equal pay and equal respect”.

Opposing arguments attempt to say that women should not be paid the same as men because it would hurt the economy and dismantle families in the US. This argument is both wrong and painfully outdated. Some women today are single mothers who must go to work to provide for their children. Another sexist argument against wage gap is that women voluntarily leave the workforce to have children. This argument fails because it is unfair to penalize women for taking maternity leave. Women are left at a disadvantage and may feel pressured to stay at work. Finally, there is the argument that men are “harder workers” than females. This is again very sexist and unfair to categorize all females are being more lazy than males.

Men should care about the wage gap and think about their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Men should want the woman in their life to have equal opportunities as males. Regardless of how trivial “just a few cents” sounds, it adds up and in the long run women make significantly lower salaries than men.


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