Why We Need To Get Rid Of The Wage Gap

In A recent article that came out on Equal Pay Day, It brought up a very good point.  It mentioned the affect of the wage gap not only to woman, but single women with children. A single mother obviously only gets one income, but this income wouldn’t be the same as a single father. A woman would on average get “$13,000 less on average than men with children to do the same job, and would be more likely to be held “to harsher performance standards” by their bosses.” Not only this, but woman are seen less competent and have less commitment to their jobs compared to woman without children and are more likely to not get promoted or even hired.

Now what’s even worse then this? Woman with no children who already have a job are STILL limited due to the “motherhood penalty”. The motherhood penalty is basically the idea that even though a woman is committed to her job, because she is “getting to that age” she MAY have children and MAY lose some of her dedication to her job or they could just leave all together. On the opposite side, a male who has children actually has a higher likelihood of getting a raise as long as they live with their children. Does any of this sound unfair to anyone yet?

Not only does this increase the likelihood of poverty among children, it creates a loop that is extremely hard to get out of. Without any awareness or change, this wage gap will continuously affect women who are just trying to provide for their family. There are countless stories of single mothers working three jobs just to keep the food in the house they can barley afford. Because of this, the children get affected more than they should and their way of life isn’t what it could be. “Low-income children caught up in their parents’ economic struggles experience the impact through unmet needs, low-quality schools, and unstable circumstances. Children as a group are disproportionately poor: roughly one in five live in poverty compared with one in eight adults (US Census Bureau 2014)”

Why shouldn’t we all take a stand to help fight not just one issue, but so many more that connect back to it? You wouldn’t want to see your mom struggling if you could do something, so why wouldn’t you want to help another mother?


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