The wait may be longer than we think: Gender wage gap in other countries

There is currently no country in the world where women are being paid the same as men for the same work. Who falls the furthest behind might surprise you as well.

The U.S. ranked 65th in wage equality among 142 other countries according to a report by the World Economic Forum. In the same report Norway and Singapore come on top with women earning 80 percent to what men make. On the other end Jordan was ranked 140th in wage equality with Pakistan and Syria following behind respectively.

Even countries where statistically more women are working still do not have equal pay. In Jamaica, Colombia, Lesotho and Fiji women hold more positions in legislation, senior positions and managerial positions. In Malawi 85 percent of women work and only 81 percent of men, yet women are still being paid less.

The only country in the world where women make on average more than men is Denmark. This is because more women hold higher paying jobs than men. However, when matched to a man with the same job they still only earn 71 percent of what he makes.


Surprisingly women in Italy don’t even make half of what their male counterpart earns. An Italian women will only earn 48 percent of what a man makes for doing the same exact work. This can also be said for Israel where women only make 47 percent of what men make.

According to the report the gender wage gap does not seem to be coming to a close anytime soon. While there have been strides to close the gap it is expected that it is going to take another 81 years to finally close the gap.

There are only 25 countries out of 142 that allow women and girls equal access to education. This does not help in the closure of the gap which may be why it is predicted to be so far away.

The gender wage gap persists today, and may persist for a while longer. This does not hinder our fight, however, and we will continue to work to close it everyday.



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