Equal Pay Day April 4th

This past Tuesday, April 4th was Equal Pay Day. For those who don’t know what this day means, it is the day that symbolizes how much a woman would need to work into a year to earn as much as a man does. “Women who work full-time in the United States take home about 80 cents for every dollar a man earns, according to the U.S. Census.” That is a 20% wage gap.  In 2005, the date in which woman made the same amount as their male counterpart was on April 19th. The average woman was making around 79% of what the average male in the united states was. Since 2005 to now, the day has moved back 15 days, which is progress, however it’s still not where it could be with such a large year gap. In the image below, it states that last year it took until april 12th just to make what a male would make by the end of december. 50,000 in four months could make a huge difference wither the person is single or taking care of their family. This could’ve gone to a college fund, to a new home, or just for their own leisure activities that everyone needs every once in awhile.


Now some people may ask why is this such an issue? The answer to that would just be, why would you want to live in an unfair society? If the roles were reverse, i’m 99% positive we’d be hearing about how unfair it is to the men, so why shouldn’t this get more awareness for our women? Most people at some point in their life has heard about the wage gap, some may not know what it means, but to have a day dedicated to it and to barley get coverage is unfair to everyone who’s working hard to try to promote equality. Now this isn’t calling out to any male who doesn’t know about it, but just to anyone out there who respects other woman. We need to stop placing blame on people and start spreading the awareness. Spreading the rights that everyone deserves and have been fighting for.

Fast Food Protests

If we want to be society that promotes living our lives and creating our families, we need to be able to say that everyone has a fair chance. It would be amazing to finally reach the goal to have woman making the same as a male, but until then what we can do is to get more involvement and get more voices to share their concern and Equal Pay Day could be the key.

“This isn’t the end. This isn’t even the beginning to an end. However, this is the end to a beginning.” – Winston Churchill


N. (2017, April 06). The gender wage gap in 6 charts. Retrieved April 07, 2017, from http://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/economy/2017/04/06/gender-wage-gap-6-charts/100122100/


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