Men Confirm the Wage Gap

Society has always thought of women as being the unfavored gender, an issue that has been argued for years. Paying women less than men for the same job is morally not fair. Women earn just 78 cents for every dollar men earn. Regardless of how trivial “just a few cents” sounds, it adds up and in the long run women make significantly lower salaries than men.

Take a second to think about all the single mothers out there. These women must work during the day, causing them to pay for a daycare service and sometimes come home to several hungry children. So why is a single mother being paid less than her male co-worker? It is unjust to be working just as hard as your co-workers and making less money. Obviously women aim to close this wage gap, but what about the men? This blog post aims to educate the public on men’s views on the wage gap and to further affirm that the wage gap is a real issue.420d6a8f263630cc9ac1691e48af74d2


Although I can’t speak for all men, many men are not even aware of the wage gap. They usually do not care for supporting or rebelling against it because it doesn’t effect them. In one article I read, it stated that men are more likely to say that existing laws are enough. It also stated that sixty-nine percent of working men think men and woman are paid the same.


Further proving the wage gap is an issue, some men believe the wage gap is present because men work harder than women. One man, named Derek Thompson, spoke on the wage gap and stated “It is also the result of a subtler cultural force — a values gap. Among equally smart men and women, men, on average, gravitate toward making as much money as possible and working long hours to do it. Women, on average, do not.” (Evans, 2016)


Contrary to what men say, there are reasons why they should care about the wage gap. First of all, they should think about their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Men should want the woman in their life to have equal opportunities as males. Another reason they should not support the gap is because women are not trying to decrease men’s pay, but instead are trying to be paid an equal amount. Men also need to realize they have a large role in this situation. For pay to finally be equal, men need to step on board as well. Unfortunately, according to The American Association of University Women (AAUW), the pay gap won’t close until 2152. This absurd amount of time could be lowered if more men were on board.



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